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Original Photo:

Painted artwork: View from Russian Hill


For this piece, I wanted to paint this particular scene at twilight. A time of the evening which I love the most. The colors get deeper and bolder at this time of day and I like the use of light in my paintings to create a serene, beautiful and perfect ambience. Unfortunately for me, I was never able to be at the corner of Hyde and Francisco exactly at twilight on a perfect evening. But I was able to capture the scene with the exact cropping I desired during the day. I have included the original image I captured. The difficulty now was to transform my painting from this beautiful daytime scene to the perfect twilight scene I had envisioned in my head. I studied the works of Thomas Kinkade and Evgeny Lushkin and how they use light so amazingly. I know I can never be as good as these masters of light, but I have given it a try with this painting. Hope you enjoy it.

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